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The Violence of Hate
by Jack Levin and Jim Nolan

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I had to read this for my sociology class and I loved it. So much information that more people should learn.

Cate Of The Lost Colony
by Lisa Klein

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Very well written and incorporates history and fiction together seamlessly!

Daughter Of The Forest
by Juliet Marillier Sevenwaters Series

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One of my favorite reads. This is the first entry in the Sevenwaters series and follows Sorcha. She is essentially an Irish princess with 6 brothers. She is also a healer and her father marries a sorceress who chases the children from their home. Many hardships must be faced and Sorcha must endure physical, mental, and emotional terrors to save her family from total destruction. I like to tell people this is an inventive retelling of the Swan Princess, but it is NOT a fairy tale that most would expect. I hope others give this a read and enjoy it as much as I do.

by Stephen King

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Aliens! And a little bit of contemplation of what it is to be human :)

The View From Alameda Island
by Robyn Carr

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A really good book that starts off with the usual plot of faithful, long-time wife supporting her doctor husband who is very abusive, but not generally where it shows. She finally gets the courage to move out and from there the plot is nothing like the usual instead changing to threats including murder and car bombs. Did I mention the Catholic Church's beautiful gardens and the priest who quit his job? Read it; you'll enjoy it!

by Ashley Poston

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it was a good book the only thing i didn't like was the stepmom and the step sisters because they sucked but one step sister started to grow on me a lot. If you like getting mad while reading this is the perfect book.

My Dear Hamilton A Novel Of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton
by Stephanie Dray And Laura Kamoie

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Loved this book! Want to know more about the woman behind Hamilton, look no further!

Zombie Chasers 3
by John Kloepfer

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I liked the part where the characters were running from the burger dog meat slob. Super fun to read.

My Squirrel Days
by Ellie Kemper

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i enjoyed this one a lot! laughed out loud many times.

by Colleen Hoover

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Very good. Left me thinking about the book and questioning the ending for days.

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