Suggested Reading
2019 Lariat List

Since 2009, the Texas Library Association has gathered a committee of librarians to highlight outstanding fiction that is simply “a pleasure to read.” Each year ...
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2019 Lone Star List

The Lone Star list is hand picked by librarians around the state of Texas, just for you.  Check out these fun and up to date books for readers in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

2019 Tayshas List

The Tayshas reading list is selected by high school students from around the state of Texas.  These books were selected by you, and for you.  

2x2 Reading list

The Texas Library Association presents the the 2x2 lists, which recommends excellent books from age two to grade two.  

Better than Fiction

Think it could only happen in fiction?  These true stories will make you celebrate, weep and think.


Grab a book from this list and rest assured that they have been kid approved.  Each year, students vote on the best of the best and these are your winners and nominees. 


Celebrate the best artwork in picture books with these selections of the most distinguished children's book artisits. 

Curl up with a Cozy Mystery

Tired of all that blood and gore found in traditional mysteries?  Want to turn off the world and dive into a great read?  Grab your fan and sweet tea and d ...
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Father's Day Reads

Check out these books about Fathers!

Little Maverick Graphic Novels

The Little Maverick list recommends the best graphic novels for children in grades K-5.  Have a reluctant reader or aspiring artist - this list is a great place to start.


This list includes the most distinguished children's books from last year and beyond.  These are the best of the best, so grab as many as you can.

Read Before you See

Which is better, the book or the movie?  You decide on these titles becoming (or already are) movies.

Texas Topaz

The Texas Library Association presents the 2019 Texas Topaz Reading List.  This list recommends nonfiction titles for recreational reading.  If you en ...
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True Crime

Ever wonder what really happened when it comes to murder and other crimes?  From new findings with Lizzy Borden to the newest serial killer out there, check out ...
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Underrated Classics

You won't find these classics on a high school reading list, but they are more than worth a read.

YA Fantasy

Witches and fairies and elves, oh my!  Get lost in the magic of these fantastic fantasy reads.

YA Graphic Novels

Can't get enough superhero stories after Endgame?  Or do you prefer stories that are true to life?  Regardless of what you like to read, we have the graphic novel for you.

YA Love Stories

Looking for love this summer?  Look no further and dive into one of these swoon-worthy reads.

YA Manga

Whether you like Shonen, Soujo, Magical Girls, or something else entirely, we have the right series for you.  If you've been curious about manga but don't know ...
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YA Science Fiction

Beat the heat this summer with the cold, unfathomable depths of outer space.  Explore the universe without ever leaving your air conditioning.

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